Specialists and Leading Technology
Working with N1 CAPITAL We provide the tools, support and advising for the operation and control of your payroll, without incurring cost overruns or inefficient infrastructures.

A company`s payroll processing requires:
Hiring of specialized personnel.
Permanently invest in their training to keep them up to date in Mexican labor legislation.
Acquiring up to date computer systems.
Permanent software licensing contracts.
At N1Capital employs leading technology backed by a team of specialists, allowing to save client’s time and money.

At N1 we are fully committed to excellence in the management and results we provide to each of our valued clients, which is why success with us, IS CERTAIN.

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What do we do for you?
Why choose us?

We offer personalized attention, with custom packages for our clients needs.
We ensure significant and immediate savings in the management of payroll administration.
100% deduction on ISR (Income Tax)
Update and implementation of the main changes in tax provisions.

Our advantages VS Internal Payroll Systems

Working with N1 Capital, will allow you to free your internal resources from administrative tasks, allowing your company to: